About Us

About Vasavada PreSchool

Vasavada Pre School provides a high standard of care, education and learning opportunities. Children are able to explore a rich and diverse range of activities within a flexible, stimulating, inclusive and welcoming learning environment. We aim to help the children develop self – respect, respect for others and respect for their environment, to fulfil their full potential and achieve the outcomes of every child matters. Children develop in a fun and relaxed environment. The involvement of parents in their child’s preschool experience plays a crucial role in building a firm foundation for future education.

These are just some things you can expect from Vasavada Pre School

  • A safe and stimulating environment
  • Carefully selected toys and resources
  • Care and attention to each individual child
  • Teaching based on individual needs
  • Staff who listen to your child's play encouraging shared thinking         and problem solving
  • Key workers who make sure all children are treated equally and         progress at their individual pace
  • An environment that recognizes parents as partners